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Call me Ray, nice to meet you.
I sometimes tag shit, but mostly not because I'm a lazy fuck, so yeah.





  • steve introducing bucky to the avengers
  • all of them being instantly accepting of him
  • bucky speaking russian with natasha
  • clint teaching bucky all about archery and television
  • thor inviting bucky to go out drinking with him
  • tony offering to upgrade bucky‚Äôs arm
  • bucky hanging out with bruce in his lab late at night
  • bucky barnes being loved and having a family
  • sam forgiving bucky for trashing his wings and gives him flying lessons with his new ones

(via bisexualwintersoldier)

Winterfell was a grey stone labyrinth of walls and towers and courtyards and tunnels spreading out in all directions.

You can’t have ‘too many’ books.